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WFR continues to grow!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently received our second offshore package, which includes some great additions to our equipment range:

  • 2nd Burner Boom Set: This 65ft ultra slim design burner boom set features dual gas lines, dual ignition modules and heat suppression nozzles. Each burner boom is delivered with WFR’s unique swivel plate.
  • 2nd Surge Tank: 100 BBL Twin compartment, 285 psi working pressure, internally coated for durability and exceptionally easy to clean in case of LSA contamination.
  • 1st pressurized Sand Hopper: 8 BBL, 100 Psi working pressure, DNV 2.7-1 offshore framed and equipped with an internal cleaning system, this sand hopper can efficiently accommodate large capacity solid containers below.


Special thanks go to the dedicated team at P. SMIT B.V. in Den Helder for ensuring the timely delivery of these units (even when we moved the goalposts a little…).

We’re also pleased to announce that our second 100Mmscf/d vertical separator is currently under construction and is expected to arrive in early July 2024. We also have two ATEX electronic gas density meters on the way, which will be delivered by the end of May. These meters will provide real-time density measurements, improving the accuracy of gas flow readings.

The new equipment couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as it was immediately deployed on a abandonment project in the North Sea.

At WFR, we’re committed to continually invest in the best equipment to support our customers’ operations. We’re always looking for innovative solutions and equipment to integrate into our operations to ensure we deliver the highest quality service possible. We would like to thank all our clients for their continued trust and support, which has enabled WFR to grow and develop into the number one well testing company in the Netherlands.

With some exciting developments on the horizon, more news updates will follow soon.