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Advanced Solutions


WFR provides innovative, high quality solutions and services to the downstream, midstream oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Our expertise covers pre-commissioning and commissioning of new facilities and turnaround maintenance of existing facilities. With our skilled personnel and extensive fleet of equipment, we provide state-of-the-art technologies and adhere to the highest safety and quality standards for plant and pipeline services.

Pipe cleaning

WFR offers efficient and effective cleaning of pipelines through the use of high volume liquid separators during cleaning and pigging operations.

Mobile Flaring Services

Our mobile flaring services are designed to minimise emissions in a variety of scenarios, including pipeline decommissioning, tank degassing or removal of residual products during plant turnarounds. We have all the necessary equipment and resources in-house to meet your specific requirements.

Integrated turnaround services

Our comprehensive turnaround services provide a one-stop solution to reduce costs, downtime and HSE risks. With our expertise in engineered industrial services, we can help streamline shutdowns, resulting in shorter turnaround periods.

For detailed information on our extensive range of opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.