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Policy statement / Code of Conduct

The QHSE policy of WFR Oilfield Services is to provide an optimal service to our customers within the framework of legal obligations and customer requirements.

WFR Oilfield Services is aware that it is part of a large supply chain of suppliers, employees and customers that jointly ensures the customer requirements: safely performing the best quality service. If all stakeholders are aware that aspects such as quality, safety, competences, behaviour and environmental awareness are important for the performance of our activities, only than the best results for our customers can be achieved.

Therefore, WFR Oilfield Services believes it is vital to jointly realize the same quality, safety and environmental vision, and also to share the same operational values to ensure the quality and safety. WFR Oilfield Services will therefore actively encourage, monitor and improve the operational performance.

Shared values
The values we want to share with all our stakeholders are appointed hereinafter:

We expect that all stakeholders are aware that quality is the result of competence and consciously assessing and improving the own activities and output. Deviations must be reported, corrected and preventively improved.

We expect that all stakeholders are aware that safety is an behavioural attitude that has an effect on their own and others safety. Therefore all stakeholders must adhere to the applicable laws and instructions.

Occupational Health
We expect that all employees are aware of the fact that health is one of the most important issues in life and that they will do everything to maintain a good health.

Environmental Behaviour
We expect all stakeholders to treat the environment in such a way that we can all live in a clean environment that we can pass-on to our children in a better shape than it is today.

We expect that all stakeholders are competent and qualified to perform their activities and that they do everything to stay competent (by experience) and stay qualified (by training)

Alcohol and Drugs
We expect that all WFR Oilfield Services employees are aware of the dangers of alcohol and drug use and that they are totally free of alcohol and drugs during WFR Oilfield Services activities.

Ethical acting
We demand all stakeholders to adhere the applicable laws and not to engage in theft, fraud, bribery or other criminal activities.

Social behaviour
We expect all employees not only to think about their own well-being but also the well-being of others and therefore not to engage in harassment, bullying, discrimination, racism.

Violating this policy statement will not be tolerated and will have severe consequences.

Schoonebeek, 05-02-2023

Jorg ter Beek, General Manager