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Major equipment investments by WFR

WFR Oilfield Services is making good progress: its client portfolio in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry has recently expanded significantly, in line with its ambitious growth targets.

Therefore substantial investments in new equipment have been made for this purpose. Customised equipment designed by WFR’s own engineers. Like the two new build 65 ft DNV 2.7-3 certified slim line burner boom sets. Each burner boom is equipped with a dual ignition system and flow can be directed either through a 6″ gas line or a 14″ silencer, depending on flow rates. Each burner boom also has a pre-installed heat suppression nozzle, saving valuable rig up time offshore. Unique features that enable WFR’s experts to carry out offshore Well Testing operations safely and efficiently.

The delivery of the first set of burner booms, built by the construction specialists at P. Smit in Den Helder, was therefore a major milestone for the WFR team!